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Why Pop Up Stands Are This Year’s Must-Have Exhibition Display

Posted By:

XL Displays


08 June 2021

Reading Time:

8 Mins

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Why Pop Up Stands Are This Year’s Must-Have Exhibition Display

It’s been a bit of a strange year or so, hasn’t it? 

Since the arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic, we’ve all had to make huge changes to the way we work and play. But thanks to everyone participating in social distancing measures, and to the enormous efforts to roll out the vaccine, as a nation we seem to be at least on the road to recovery. This means that, before long, larger scale events and exhibitions will begin again. So, if your business usually takes part in a conference, exhibition or even a sales event, it’s time to start thinking about your promotional display.

Although we are moving towards a more ‘normal’ situation as COVID rates stabilise, the reality is that things aren’t going to go back to exactly how they were before the pandemic - certainly not in the near future. Events and exhibitions are likely to be on a smaller scale, with more rules and regulations about interacting with potential customers and much stricter crowd control measures. Truthfully, some of the stipulations for event displays are continuing to change all the time. This is why we believe that investing in a flexible, portable, reusable and reconfigurable display is a wise choice. By choosing such a display, you are future-proofing your business against whatever changes and regulations you might come across. Pop-Up Display Stands offer a great way to showcase your business in an eye-catching manner without complicated installation requirements and without breaking the bank. 

3x3 Straight Pop Up Stands

Pop-Up Stands are, in essence, printed backwall displays that come with custom printed graphics and an exhibition counter case. They are portable, easy to assemble and striking, meaning they’re ideal for making a big impact at exhibitions, trade shows and marketing events. They’re also available in a range of frame sizes, up to 5m wide, so you’ll definitely find the perfect pop-up for your business. All of our Pop Up Stand exhibitor kits are supplied with LED lighting as standard. LEDs consume about 70% less power and the LED diodes last 100 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs, making them better value for money. In addition, two of our LED lights can be run off one cable, reducing socket and power requirements at exhibitions and event halls. When event organisers charge per socket and wattage output, LED lights will greatly reduce the cost of running your stand.

The construction of pop-up displays is simple: each stand is manufactured with a scissor action, lattice aluminium frame that can be folded open and closed. The sections are connected together, allowing the entire frame to fold down into a small size for easy transportation, or to ‘pop’ into position when you’re ready to use it. This lightweight frame is stable and steady when open with the mag bars (which hold the graphic panels) and graphics (hung off the nodes at the top of the frame) in place. Thanks to the intuitive design, pop-up stands can be installed or deconstructed by one person in just minutes, again saving you time and money in comparison to larger, more complicated displays where contractors are required. They can also be joined in several different configurations of Linked Pop-Up Stands to form a personalised display that best suits the needs of your business. These products are the ultimate large-format portable exhibition display stand as they have the ability to fold down small enough to go in the back of any car. All our Pop Up Displays are modular and supplied with a tough, wheeled Zeus transit case which is large enough to fit all the components to enable easy transportation and storage.

Our Pop-Up Display graphics are printed with your personalised designs onto a polyester canvas. We use polyester rather than PVC or vinyl as it can be recycled through your normal recycled waste collection, so when you’re ready for a new design, you can dispose of the old one in a safe and environmentally friendly manner that’s less expensive for you, and better for the planet. Thanks to the construction of our pop-up display stands, it’s easy to switch out the rollable graphic panels when you’re ready for a change. If you already have correctly sized artwork ready to go, our team will check this over before printing to your specifications - but if you’re a first-time buyer, our expert Graphic Design Team can work with you to create an eye-catching design that suits your business to a T.

5m x 5m Jumbo Linked Pop Up Exhibition Stands

Alongside the standard Pop-Up or Linked Display, we sell a range of different accessories including counters, TV stands, iPad displays and towers to help give your customers the best experience possible, and allowing you to design advanced promotional displays to attract new business.

We are proud of the fact that our pop-up displays and accessories are entirely sourced and manufactured in the UK, supporting home-grown industry. We source the aluminium frames and hardware and bring them to our state-of-the-art manufacturing centre in Peterborough, where we finalise the graphic printing process and bring all the aspects together. This means we can usually offer a fast turnaround, but also gives us a complete picture of the quality control process, meaning nothing goes out of our doors that’s anything less than perfect. To that end, we offer a 100% customer satisfaction warranty - if you are not happy, we will fix it. It is that simple.

Thanks to their affordability, practicality, flexibility and brilliant design, it’s little wonder that these clever and affordable display stands are the best-selling solution of the last 20+ years. Don’t you think it’s time you invested in one for your business?

For more information on our Pop-Up Stands you can visit the specific section of our Blog where you’ll find a number of different helpful articles. Or, why not reach out to our expert team on 01733 511030 or via our Contact Us page.