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Making the most of your exhibition

Posted By:

XL Displays


01 December 2011

Reading Time:

6 Mins

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Exhibition Tips

Making the most of your exhibition

How to make your Exhibition Stand Work for You

If your display equipment consists of a pop up display standbanner standsdisplay boards or a custom built bespoke stand, the main goal of attending an exhibition or trade show is that you and your get a return on your investment. More often than not, exhibitors are unprepared for the hard work of making a success of their exhibition space, arriving with their brand new equipment setting up their stand and waiting for the magic to happen. Well, life just isn't like that! You have to plan to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Planning is essential, not only planning which Exhibition is right for your company to exhibit at, but also the training of your staff, your main message of the show and the most important of all, your method of storing and retrieving the information you obtain from each potential customer you speak to.

Exhibiting at Trade Shows is not an exact science, there are too many variables, but if you practise the art of exhibiting, you will succeed and your company will make a good profit on the investment involved in attending your exhibition or trade show.

If you are involved in Sales and Marketing in a small or large Company and whether your Company is just getting off the ground or is a long-established one, the question as to whether taking an Exhibition Stand at one of the Trade Exhibitions in your industry sector is one that needs a great deal of careful thought - especially in these times when it is vital to make the most of every penny in your Company's budget.

Planning and running a successful exhibition stand is not about having a large or expensive stand, but is about happy, well trained staff with the tools to carry out their job and who will have fun whilst they are doing it.

Some Top Tips:-

1. Choose your exhibition carefully, you can obtain a list of visitors and numbers from last year's show from the organisers, then evaluate this to see how closely this list matches your target market. Have a look at last year's Exhibitors from companies in your sector - see if they are Exhibiting again this year - if not, why not?

2. Don't choose a stand right by the entrance, this sounds a good place to be but visitors are just getting in, putting their tickets and so on back in their bags and generally need to refocus their eyes and settle into the Exhibition.

3. The majority of visitors turn left when entering an Exhibition, try to choose a stand in that area if it is a small Exhibition.

4. Advertise the fact that you are attending the show, don't blame the show organiser for poor traffic to your stand, send out emails, advertise on your website, in your industry trade press tell them which stand you will be on and if possible send out free tickets and with these forms of advertising include your special offers for the show, your call to action.

5. The most important and fundamental success of your stand, if to have well trained staff there with an excellent amount of product knowledge. Ensure that every person that steps on to your stand is treated like royalty, even they are only to be spending a small amount, every prospect/customer deserves to be treated the same as you never know where it may lead and also, who else may be listening!

7. The main object of any show is to increase your revenue and to do this you need to gather as much information about your visitors as possible. Whatever method you use, react to the information immediately using your resources with staff back at the office dealing with mailings, phoning etc. So that the day after that person has visited your stand you have made contact with them in order to secure their business.

8. On your return to the office, ensure that every lead has been followed up on and that any new business generated can be quantified against your investment, so that when decision time comes next year as to whether to exhibit again it makes it easier to make an informed decision.

If you would like more information or advice on how to get the most out of your exhibition then please call our sales team or email us.