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How to Enhance Your Retail Display

Posted By:

XL Displays


12 January 2021

Reading Time:

7 Mins

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How to Enhance Your Retail Display

With more and more people choosing to purchase goods online, it’s no secret that the high street has taken a bit of a knock when it comes to sales figures.

The convenience of online shopping – paired with the constant bombardment of brand promotion and personalised advertising – means that stores and businesses out in the real world are having to work even harder to tempt shoppers in.

With the average consumer footfall on Britain’s high streets in a continuous and rapid decline, retail promotion and visual merchandising has never been so important to get right.

We know that shops can’t track customer’s buying habits and personalise their advertising to each individual shopper like the internet can, but there are plenty of other ways the high street can regain its influence in the consumer world:

Try Before You Buy

Adder FineLine Retail Displays by XL Displays

The biggest advantage traditional stores have over online stores is the ability for customers to get a proper look and feel of a product before purchasing it.

Shoppers can determine the quality of an item and observe the physical properties such as size, weight and colour in expert detail; something that the internet is notoriously being called out on when the product doesn’t match the pictures on the screen.

Whether you’re selling food and drink or tech and gadgets, there is always a way for you to showcase your brand and let customers try before they buy.

Promotional counters and display plinths are a cost-effective and nifty way to give shoppers that all important hands-on experience with your product.

With the option to subtly extend your company branding through utilising a printed graphic wrap, demonstration counters are an easy and cost-effective solution to enhancing your shop display.

You can use them to hand out free samples, display new products and showcase your customer service skills.

People love an interactive activity which further confirms that advertising counters are a solid and trustworthy investment for all types of high street shops.

Put Yourself in the Spotlight

Adder LED Retail Displays by XL Displays

The internet has millions – if not billions – of options when it comes to online shopping. There are so many variations of the same thing being sold across the internet that to say it can hard to choose the right one would be a massive understatement.

High street stores can use this to their advantage. It’s much easier to put a focus on a bestselling product or a new launch when you’re able to make it physically stand out from the crowd.

LED lightboxes are unbeatable when it comes to drawing attention to something. Aside from their size and high definition printed graphics, they are perfect for adding dimension and catching wandering eyes.

Ideal for low light areas or window displays, LED lightboxes provide evenly distributed light flow that will shine a light on your most loved products and leave those dull, 3D online shops moping in the shadows.

Get Out There

Adder Hanging Retail Displays by XL Displays

It’s easy to see why people feel suffocated by the internet: you search Google for one simple lunchbox and for the next two months you find yourself being harassed by adverts for lunchboxes, and no matter how hard you try to get away, another ad for another box is waiting for you just around the corner.

The only place you can take solace from this constant harassment and internet tracking is by shopping on the high street. Shop adverts won’t follow you round and pop up everywhere you go; you’ll only see physical adverts in relative proximity to the store itself.

This is where retail promotion can really take advantage. Whilst it’s easy to scroll past online adverts, it’s much harder to ignore them when they’re directly in front of you.

Pavement signs are perhaps one of the most underrated retail advertising tools available. Not only are pavement signs a low-cost marketing solution, but they are also incredibly quick and easy to update your marketing message. The double-sided poster holders can be used outside to attract attention and increase foot traffic to your store. 

Designed specifically for outdoor use, our pavement sign boards are designed to withstand adverse weather and windy conditions. Alternatively, they can be used indoors. We have a wide range of styles to choose from including A-Frame Boards, Swing Signs, Water Base Signs and Wooden Chalk Boards. 

The free-standing advertising signs can also be used for hospitality and aren't restricted to just retail. They can also be used as pub menu signs for bars, pubs and restaurants.  

There is no easy way to battle the lure of online shopping, but enhancing the appeal of your retail displays is a simple step in the right direction. Add some personality, be bold and go back to the basics of consumerism and you’re sure to regain some of that much needed high street footfall for yourself.

If you would like any further advice or tips on retail displays, or if you would like to explore which retail display solution is best for you, contact us or call our dedicated sales team on 01733 511030.