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5 Reasons Why Hiring An Exhibition Stand Offers The Best ROI

Posted By:

XL Displays


25 October 2021

Reading Time:

13 Mins

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5 Reasons Why Hiring An Exhibition Stand Offers The Best ROI

Preparing to exhibit at a trade show comes with a number of questions to answer - and the first (and most important) is: do I buy or hire my exhibition stand?

While once purchasing your own event display kit was the most obvious choice, in recent years the flexibility and affordability of renting exhibition stands has meant this option has grown in popularity. Buying and hiring an exhibit each have their own benefits, but in the ever-changing conditions of a post-pandemic world, the real question is, which option offers the best ROI?

Read on for 5 reasons why your ROI could be improved by hiring, rather than purchasing, an exhibition stand.

1. Save Money & Time

One of the main arguments for choosing exhibition stand hire, rather than purchase one, centres around cost.

Average Costs for Purchasing a Exhibition Stand

  • Stand Costs: approx £200-£12,000
  • Van Hire: approx. £120 per day
  • Assembly Fees: approx. £160 per day (based on 2 workers)
  • Electrics: approx. £200-£800

As you can see, even after your initial purchase, the cost of delivering and constructing your own display stand can quickly add up. 

Costs for Hiring an Exhibition Stand from XL Displays

  • 4㎡ + from £399 per square metre
  • 12㎡ + from £329 per square metre
  • 20㎡ + from £279 per square metre

So it’s clear from the numbers that hiring an ‘all inclusive’ stand service from XL Displays is a more convenient, economical solution that can save you up to 30%. In a survey taken by FTI Consulting in December 2020, when asked how their allocations will shift in a post-pandemic, post-lockdown world, ‘more than half of respondents (58%) indicated their current budget had decreased when compared to pre-COVID levels’. Cost is proving an ever more important consideration as we navigate a post-Covid world. Remember, the lower your initial cost outlay, the bigger your ROI will be.

The other important consideration when it comes to the debate for purchasing vs. hiring is convenience. When you use a hire service, such as our Integra® range, absolutely everything is covered, from design to construction. Think of it as Zero Stress Exhibiting. Exhibition Stand Hire might save you 30% financially, but it will save you 100% of the work. You’ll get a dedicated account manager to oversee the entire process, from helping you select the right display components to liaising with our design service on the artwork. Our experienced team will be there to complete all the construction, and as part of your stand hire we can also include any furniture or seating you require, as well as TV / AV solutions. Taking the stress out of the organisation frees up your time to work on your marketing strategies, focusing on how you will use our high-quality display standsto engage and entertain potential new customers and thereby increasing your ROI.

Integra® Exhibition Stand 4m x 3m Backwall Kit 40

Integra® Exhibition Stand 4m x 3m Backwall Kit 40

Integra® Exhibition Stand 3m X 3m L-Shaped Kit 51

Integra® Exhibition Stand 3m X 3m L-Shaped Kit 51

2. Freedom to Customise & Adapt

All of us who’ve experienced the seismic shift in the events and trade show industry brought about by the pandemic know that there is always a potential for things to change dramatically, and rapidly. For example, including sanitiser or PPE stations with an exhibition stand might have been considered by 1 in 100 businesses before the pandemic - now it’s something that every single exhibitor will add to their design, as it’s what the public expect in the post-Covid era. Hiring an exhibition stand gives your business the flexibility to change things when you need to.

Furthermore, by choosing to hire rather than purchase, you are giving your business the opportunity to conduct continuous valuable market research about which designs are more effective in attracting customers. The style of isplay that might work brilliantly in one location might fall short in another - so a company that owns only one style of event stand may lose out to one that can choose to hire a different shape, style or design depending on the location of the trade show. You can use each and every event to analyse what works for your business - and what doesn’t - and make intelligent choices informed by research and data collected at previous events. When it comes to ROI, this is invaluable, as you know you’re giving your business the best possible chance to attract new customers and make more sales.

In addition, stand technologies are adapting all the time, with new products, materials and layouts giving the edge to those with the budgets to continuously upgrade their stands. By hiring rather than purchasing, your business can stay at the forefront of exhibition stand design, making use of the latest models and technologies to promote your brand. 

3. Professional, Innovative Design

Just because you are hiring a stand kit rather than purchasing your own doesn’t mean you’ll have to settle for second-best quality. All of our display stand hire products are regularly serviced and refurbished to maintain their strength and durability, and each item will be personalised for your business.

In fact, you can often achieve more innovative results with exhibition stand hire combinations as our expert account managers can work with you to design effective installation layouts. In addition, our graphic design team takes your ideas and develops them into striking artwork displays which are then all printed in-house and quality-checked to the highest level.

Financially, you can achieve a much more comprehensive event stall design by hiring than by purchasing. Using our decades of experience in the industry, we can advise and assist in creating market-leading designs that will set the standard for your competitors.

4. Flexible for Locations & Timescales

The logistics of transporting your stand materials (particularly larger set-ups) around the country - or even internationally - can be complicated, as can ensuring you have the right skilled team at the other end to complete the installation. Choosing a hire service such as our Integra® Exhibition Stand Hire takes all the stress out of the process, as every step is organised and completed for you. In addition, hiring is also a more flexible option when it comes to difficult timescales. Perhaps your business needs to be in two places at once? Or maybe you have taken up a last-minute offer of an installation space? Hiring an exhibition stand gives you a fast, flexible solution.

Adaptability is very important when it comes to ROI figures, particularly in the current climate. According to the March 2021 FTI Insight: Trade Show Industry Post-Pandemic Outlook survey, nearly 70% of respondents indicated they had attended a virtual event in the past year. The same survey suggests that virtual events are anticipated to continue to hold a large share of the overall trade show budget (55%) post-pandemic. For this reason, using an exhibition stand hire service may prove a more cost-effective choice in a post-Covid world where a large chunk of trade shows may go digital - permanently. 

5. Environmentally Friendly Option 

Hiring an exhibition stand is a much more eco-friendly option in comparison to purchasing one outright. As we’ve discussed above, hiring a stand gives you the flexibility to adapt your stand to each new location or event, which is much more difficult to do with a permanently owned set-up. If your business changes its approach, or stand designs turn a corner in terms of design, many businesses will choose to absorb the cost of disposing of old stands and upgrading to new ones in order to stay ahead of the market. This is not the most environmentally friendly approach. But why do eco-credentials matter? How does being environmentally friendly affect your ROI?

A 2015 survey by Cone Communications of more than 10,000 men and women from across nine different countries showed that having eco-friendly credentials can be a huge boost for brands. The research suggests that 90% of customers felt they would have more trust for a brand that demonstrated care and concern for the environment. Similarly, 93% of customers felt that a ‘green’ business would have a better brand image, and 88% of those surveyed would choose to be a more loyal, returning customer to a company that took being eco-responsible seriously.

Interestingly, many people have doubts when companies say they are environmentally friendly. In a 2021 survey by GreenPrint, a striking 53% of those interviewed never (or only sometimes) believed such claims. Hiring an exhibition stand, and introducing a display board with information as to why your business has chosen to hire rather than purchase for environmental reasons, could go a long way to helping your brand prove, and boost, its eco-credentials.

The data shows that a business that focuses on its impact on the environment (and can prove its commitment to such a cause) is likely to have improved customer feedback and retention, leading to increased sales and repeat purchases. When applied to the event stand question, the data suggests that hiring an exhibition stand, rather than purchasing one outright, is likely to result in a significantly better ROI by demonstrating to customers that your brand cares about the environment.

For more information about hiring an exhibition stand from XL Displays Contact Us page or call our team on 01733 511030.