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Buyers Guide:

Promotional Flags

If you’re looking for a high impact display solution that is visible to all types of passing traffic, a promotional flag is ideal.

That being said, with so many different bases to choose from, it can be hard to know which one is the most suitable. This buyers guide will help you recognise the key differences between each shape and choose the most functional flag base for your display.

What Is A Promotional Flag?

Promotional flags have long been a key marketing solution for businesses looking to extend their branding outdoors. Offering extra height and visibility, these hardwearing printed flags are mounted onto all-fibre flag poles and offer an increased graphic area to grab the attention of passing pedestrians and vehicles.

You can choose from either single sided or double sided printed graphics, as well as a choice of eight flag bases included within the price. You can use your promotional flag indoors or outdoors on all types of turf depending on the base option you select.

Despite their large format size, printed flags are effortless to assemble. The flexible flag pole simply slots together and the printed graphic slides over the top and is secured into place. The pole then slots into the base and is ready to use.

High impact graphics, a budget-friendly price and easy assembly makes promotional flags a great choice for exhibition novices and experts alike.

Promotional Flag

Why Choose A Promotional Flag?

Promotional flags are a great investment for many different brands because they have so much to offer, including:

  • Affordable
  • Adaptable – double sided options available
  • Tool-free assembly
  • Four shapes to choose from
  • Enhanced graphic area
  • Ideal for attracting passing traffic
  • Fully weatherproof graphics
  • Replacement graphics available
  • Durable all-fibre flagpole
  • Seamless graphics – no joins or lines
  • Easy three-step ordering process

What Types Of Promotional Flags Are There?

Our promotional flag range is split out into four shapes which are both available in single and double sided options.

Our outdoor flags comprise of an all-fibre flagpole and 115gsm printed flag knit graphics. They are easily assembled and can be used with one of 11 flag bases depending on where the flag is due to be used.

a) Feather Flags

Our feather flags are by far our most popular shape. This shape offers a large visible graphic area with a concave shape at the top. We offer four sizes of feather flags, small 2.6m, medium 3.2m, large 4m and extra large 4.9m.

As standard we include a choice of bases with each printed flag for no additional cost, we also include a free carry bag making our feather flags one of the most cost-effective kits on the market.

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b) Crest Flags

Crest and feather flags are somewhat similar in that they both have a straight edge. Crest flags join onto the flagpole with a curved bottom, whereas feather flags join on to the flagpole with a straight bottom edge. Just like the feather flag, it is available in four sizes: small 2.6m, medium 3.2m, large 4m and extra-large 4.9m.

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c) Sail Flags

Sail flags have a classic rectangle shape and come in three sizes: 2m, 2.9m and 4m. They can be purchased in both single and double-sided options and are suitable for a wide range of applications.

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d) Teardrop Flags

The final shaped flag is the teardrop flag which is shaped like its namesake. Teardrop flags are available in four sizes: 2.1m, 2.8m, 3.5m and 4.6m. They offer a slightly smaller visible graphic area than other shapes, however, their shape is ideal for capturing the attention of your audience.

Promotional flags have many benefits, including:

  • Available in four shapes
  • Sizes range from 2.1m to 4.9m depending on the shape
  • Double-sided flags with no show through
  • Weatherproof graphics and all fibre pole
  • Tool-free assembly
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • High definition dye-sublimation printed fabric graphics
  • Provide height and visibility
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor events
  • Can be used for almost any event application
  • Suitable for use of all terrains
  • Simple 3 step ordering process

Teardrop Flag

2. Backpack Flags

Backpack flags are the ideal choice for advertising on foot. They’re commonly used at university open days, industry events, exhibitions and charity sporting events. There are four shapes to choose from: feather, quill, edge and X-banner.

The feather shape is the same as the feather flag and pole version, and the quill shape is comparable to a teardrop flag. The edge flag is a similar shape to a sail flag, and the X-banner is a large format, rectangular shape that is positioned on the backpack slightly differently.

Backpack flags are effortless to assemble and super-lightweight. They can be taken just about anywhere and used by anyone representing your brand. They have many other benefits including:

  • Four versatile shapes
  • Affordable
  • Reinforced shoulder straps
  • Durable nylon-coated backpack
  • Two mesh side pockets
  • Entire flag can stored within the backpack

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Backpack Flag

3. Promotional Flag Bases

We have a wide range of flag bases which mean your promotional flags can be used on almost any terrain, hard or soft.

Our bestselling flag base is the large water base. This flag base is our most versatile option and can be used on both hard and soft ground with all sizes of flags. It holds 30 litres of water which provides the necessary stability for all printed flags.

Promotional Flag Bases

How To Assemble A Promotional Flag

What Can Promotional Flags Be Used For?

Promotional flags are designed for use outdoors, but their versatility means they can be used just about anywhere, including:

  • Indoor/outdoor corporate events and exhibitions
  • Motor shows
  • Sports events
  • Forecourts and showrooms
  • Local community fairs
  • Music festivals
  • Campsites and holiday parks
  • Roadside advertising
  • Front on business advertising

How Are Promotional Flags Made?

Here at XL Displays, we only use UK-made hardware for all of our promotional flags. The backpack and the all-fibre flagpole are made in Britain for maximum quality assurance.

The fabric graphics for every promotional flag are printed using a dye-sublimation printing technique.

Dye-sublimation involves combining extreme heat and pressure to fuse ink directly into the weave of the 115gsm flag knit fabric.

If the flag is double-sided, two lots of artwork will be printed and stitched together with a liner in the middle to prevent show through.

Promotional Flag Design

Although promotional flags can be as big as 4.9m, it’s important to remember that they are not standstill exhibition stands. They are designed for use outdoors and so you need to consider that the material will move with the wind.


Keep your brand identity strong by matching your colour scheme to your business colours.


Promotional flags are not designed for chunks of text because they are outdoor displays that will move with the wind. Keep text to an absolute minimum – a phone number or web address at most.


If you want to use an image on your promotional flag, make sure it is high resolution. If it is not then it will appear dull and blurry once blown up to size.

Our Simple 3 Step Ordering Process

With so many suppliers offering custom printed event flags, it can be difficult to know who to order with and what to order. To make things easier for our customers we have adapted a simple three step ordering process to help take away the stress of choosing the right solution.

Our fixed price includes everything you need to begin using your promotional flag right away.

Simple 3 Step Ordering Process

Step 1 Choose from four shapes – feather, crest, teardrop or sail.

Step 2 Choose the size of your event flag.

Step 3 Choose your base – we offer up to 8 inclusive flag bases for no extra cost, simply select the one that best suits your application.

We include a free carry bag with all promotional flag kits which makes storage and transportation easy between events.

Why Choose XL Displays For A Promotional Flag?

We have over 20 years of experience in the events industry and have been manufacturing promotional flags for just as long.

We have developed our range of printed flags to be high quality and competitively priced; ensuring our customers receive the best value possible.

Our outstanding customer rating demonstrates the quality of our products and the 5* customer service that comes with it.

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