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Buyers Guide:

Promotional Flags

If you’re looking for a high impact display solution that is visible to all types of passing traffic, a promotional flag is ideal.

That being said, with so many different bases to choose from, it can be hard to know which one is the most suitable. This buyers guide will help you recognise the key differences between each shape and choose the most functional flag base for your display.

What Is A Promotional Flag?

Promotional flags have long been a key marketing solution for businesses looking to extend their branding outdoors. Offering extra height and visibility, these hardwearing printed flags are mounted onto all-fibre flag poles and offer an increased graphic area to grab the attention of passing pedestrians and vehicles.

You can choose from either single sided or double sided printed graphics, as well as a choice of eight flag bases included within the price. You can use your promotional flag indoors or outdoors on all types of turf depending on the base option you select.

Despite their large format size, printed flags are effortless to assemble. The flexible flag pole simply slots together and the printed graphic slides over the top and is secured into place. The pole then slots into the base and is ready to use.

High impact graphics, a budget-friendly price and easy assembly makes promotional flags a great choice for exhibition novices and experts alike.

Promotional Flag

Why Choose A Promotional Flag?

Promotional flags are a great investment for many different brands because they have so much to offer, including:

  • Affordable
  • Adaptable – double sided options available
  • Tool-free assembly
  • Four shapes to choose from
  • Enhanced graphic area
  • Ideal for attracting passing traffic
  • Fully weatherproof graphics
  • Replacement graphics available
  • Durable all-fibre flagpole
  • Seamless graphics – no joins or lines
  • Easy three-step ordering process

What Types Of Promotional Flags Are There?

Our promotional flag range is split out into four shapes which are both available in single and double sided options.

Our outdoor flags comprise of an all-fibre flagpole and 115gsm printed flag knit graphics. They are easily assembled and can be used with one of 11 flag bases depending on where the flag is due to be used.

Feather Flags

Our feather flags are by far our most popular shape. This shape offers a large visible graphic area with a concave shape at the top. We offer four sizes of feather flags, small 2.6m, medium 3.2m, large 4m and extra large 4.9m.

As standard we include a choice of bases with each printed flag for no additional cost, we also include a free carry bag making our feather flags one of the most cost-effective kits on the market.

Buy Feather Flags Online

Crest Flags

Crest and feather flags are somewhat similar in that they both have a straight edge. Crest flags join onto the flagpole with a curved bottom, whereas feather flags join on to the flagpole with a straight bottom edge. Just like the feather flag, it is available in four sizes: small 2.6m, medium 3.2m, large 4m and extra-large 4.9m.

Buy Crest Flags Online

Sail Flags

Sail flags have a classic rectangle shape and come in three sizes: 2m, 2.9m and 4m. They can be purchased in both single and double-sided options and are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Buy Sail Flags Online

Teardrop Flags

The final shaped flag is the teardrop flag which is shaped like its namesake. Teardrop flags are available in four sizes: 2.1m, 2.8m, 3.5m and 4.6m. They offer a slightly smaller visible graphic area than other shapes, however, their shape is ideal for capturing the attention of your audience.

Buy Teardrop Flags Online

Promotional flags have many benefits, including:

  • Available in four shapes
  • Sizes range from 2.1m to 4.9m depending on the shape
  • Double-sided flags with no show through
  • Weatherproof graphics and all fibre pole
  • Tool-free assembly
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • High definition dye-sublimation printed fabric graphics
  • Provide height and visibility
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor events
  • Can be used for almost any event application
  • Suitable for use of all terrains
  • Simple 3 step ordering process
2. Demonstration Counters

Demonstration counters are designed specifically to showcase products. They are also commonly used as taste-testing stands within supermarkets, bars and shops. You can have a branded graphic wrap as well as a branded header depending on the counter you select. Loadbearing and with internal storage, these demo counters are a must-have for product launches.

  • Designed specifically for demoing products
  • Ideal as taste-testing stations
  • Loadbearing
  • Portable
  • Brandable header depending on counter
  • Hardwearing and durable
  • Manufactured in-house

Buy Demonstration Counters Online

Demonstration Counters

3. Fabric Promotional Counters

Fabric promotional counters feature high definition, dye-sublimation printed display polyester graphics. They work well in conjunction with fabric exhibition stands, but they can be used alone or with vinyl displays too. As with other types of promotional counters, fabric counters have internal storage and can be quickly assembled and taken down for transport or storage.

  • High definition fabric graphics
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Durable dye-sublimation printed graphics
  • Can be matched directly to your company branding
  • Lots of styles and sizes to choose from
  • Available in a variety of sizes and styles
  • Fire rated fabric
  • Manufactured in-house

Buy Fabric Promotional Counters Online

Fabric Promotional Counters

4. Display Plinths And Podiums

Display plinths and podiums are slightly taller than most promotional counters and are great for creating dynamic displays. Display plinth nests are commonly used in descending height order and neatly fit next to each other thanks to the modest inverted curve at the back of the counter.

  • Unique Display Solution
  • Can be rebranded
  • Portable
  • Available singularly or as sets
  • Ideal for corner displays
  • Loadbearing
  • Manufactured in-house

Buy Display Plinths And Podiums Online

Display Plinths And Podiums

5. Display Lightboxes

Display lightboxes aren’t actually promotional counters, but they’re commonly purchased together and so often get confused. Lightboxes are LED displays with fabric graphics. They are not load bearing and do not have internal storage. Lightboxes are ideal for showrooms and retail environments as they have a premium finish and are a good focal point for highlighting offers and campaigns.

  • Double sided options available
  • Wall mounted or freestanding
  • Available in a variety of sizes and styles
  • Fire rated fabric
  • Low-energy LED lights
  • Perfect for shops and showrooms
  • Manufactured in the UK

Buy Display Lightboxes Online

Display Lightboxes

How Are Promotional Counters Made?

As with assembly, the way a promotional counter is made depends largely on the type of counter you select.

Non-fabric counters are made from UK-manufactured hardware and feature dye-sublimation printed graphic wraps. Dye-sublimation is an intense printing process that involves combining heat and pressure to create ultra-vivid and high impact artwork.

Vinyl promotional counters have artwork digitally printed onto PVC-free stoplight media which is then laminated to ensure maximum durability and longevity.

Promotional Counter Design

Promotional counters are not large display stands and are not designed to be the main attraction at an event. This is something to bear in mind when designing your artwork.


Each counter is a different size, but generally they are not very big and so shouldn’t be overcrowded.


Coordinating your counter to your larger exhibition stand or company branding is always advised to ensure brand continuity and uniformity.


As mentioned, promotional counters are not very big and so it is advised that the only text you have on there is a logo, social media handles and a website address.


As long as you source high resolution images, there won’t be a problem using a photograph as a background on your promotional counter.

Why Choose XL Displays For A Promotional Counter?

We have been in the events and exhibition industry for over 20 years and promotional counters have always been a core display product of ours.

We only ever supply promotional counters that have been manufactured in the UK to ensure maximum product quality.

The majority of our counters are manufactured in-house giving us complete control over the quality. We are experts at supplying high quality, cost-effective display stands that make your brand stand out.

Our outstanding customer rating demonstrates the quality of our products and the 5* customer service that comes with it.

XL Displays Team