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Buyers Guide:

Glass Office Pods

Open plan offices are a hive of activity and offer limitless potential for professional collaboration, but this - their greatest benefit - can also be their biggest downfall. The solution? Glass office pods. They are designed to provide employees with an area that maximises their productivity, but without forcing employers to commit to changing the structure of their building or compromise on the increased creativity that comes with an open working space.

There are a wide variety of glass office pods to choose from, but each one can be a considerable investment for any brand. Make sure you know exactly what you’re getting before you spend your money by reading our handy buyers guide.

Where Did The Need For Office Pods Come From?

To understand why office pods are such a necessary investment, we have to go back 20 years.

For the best part of two decades, office-based employees have been used to working in large, open plan rooms. They are so common, you’d be hard pressed to find an office that still uses cubicles, or indeed an employee under the age of 30 who has ever seen a cubicle outside of Hollywood films.

Open plan offices were introduced as a result of employees feeling isolated and disconnected from their peers. Many people felt like tall cubicle walls were hindering their ability to work collaboratively, and so employers started adopting a very different approach.

Things went from one extreme to another. Where there once stood a sea of desk dividers, there was now nothing. Employers were so keen to maximise on social interaction between employees that they failed to consider what has been described by many experts as the most disruptive distraction of all: noise.

According to Zenbooth, over half of office workers say their office is too distracting, and when you consider that it can take almost 25 minutes to refocus, it’s easy to see how much of the workday is lost to noise pollution.

You might think the solution is to bring back cubicles, but that’s not a viable option for most businesses. For all their flaws, open plan offices have been proven to increase creativity. Not only this, the lack of dividers means more people can fit into one room. As a result, employers have hired more people, and so installing dividers would mean fewer people could fit in the office. This leaves two options: reduce staff numbers or move into a new premises. One of these leaves businesses understaffed, and the other one leaves them out of pocket.

This brings us to glass office pods. These acoustic, freestanding structures provide a happy medium to this 21st century stalemate. They offer a room within a room which is noise reducing, but they don’t take up a huge amount of space. This enables those in the office to work openly for the most part, but when they feel like their productivity has dipped, they can take themselves to the pod.

Where Did The Need For Office Pods Come From

What Is An Office Pod?

Glass office pods are much more than they seem.

A glass office pod is a semi-permanent, freestanding structure. It is an enclosed booth that is essentially a room within a room. The pods are comprised of a mixture of acoustic fabric walls and glass walls that work to create a sound-absorbing space. Designed for office workers, students and people within public areas like libraries, glass pods allow users to work alone or in smaller groups with minimum distractions.

They are constructed from aluminium frames and can be installed within four hours. This makes them a great option for businesses who rent out a commercial unit and want to add more rooms but can’t because of the structural changes required or the money involved in building work.

Each glass office pod is installed by our team of expert contractors within four hours. This means you can add a brand-new room to your office without lifting a finger or experiencing long periods of building work and disruption.

What Is An Office Pod

What Can Glass Office Pods Be Used For?

Glass office pods can be adapted for many uses, including:

  • Private business meetings
  • Conferences
  • Group work
  • Employee reviews
  • Collaborative brainstorming
  • Training
  • Independent study
  • Lunch breaks
What Can Glass Office Pods Be Used For

Customising A Glass Office Pod

We have a range of pre-configured glass office pods ranging in size and styles. Some of our standard kits have one acoustic wall, two acoustic walls or three acoustic walls which are made using 40mm thick sound-absorbing panels. These help to reduce noise pollution by up to 29dB.

For some businesses, noise reduction isn’t the reason they want a modular meeting pod. Lots of brands use the booths as creative output rooms, and in this case, you can customise your pod to include dry-wipe walls. You can mix and match the materials the walls are made from in order to find the right fit for your business. You can even add half-walls.

We offer each pod with the option to add on a ventilation unit which keeps the air within the room fresh and clean. We also offer power and data posts which allow you to connect the pod to the mains power supply in your building. This is ideal for adding TV’s and computers into the booth.

Explore Our Frequently Asked Questions

What size are glass office pods?

We have a range of standard sizes available but ultimately glass office pods can be manufactured to suit any bespoke size and design. Discover our range of acoustic office pods.

What can glazed office pods be used for?

Glass office pods can be used as quiet meeting rooms for business meetings, independent study, group work, video calls, phone calls, employee feedback and brainstorming exercises.

How are office meeting pods made?

Glass office pods are made from an high-grade aluminium frame with a mixture of 4mm toughened safety glass and 40mm thick acoustic fabric walls.

Where are acoustic office pods made?

Glass office pods are manufactured in the UK using premium UK-made materials.

How to build a glass office meeting pod

Glass office pods are not self-built, they are installed by a team of experts to ensure a safe and smooth build.

How fast can I get a office meeting pod?

Glass office pods range typically take between 4-6 weeks to manufacture from receipt of your order. If you require it sooner, please contact us on 01733 511030.

Can I design my own glass office pod?

Modular meeting pods are designed to be tailored specifically to your space and needs. Whatever your vision is, we can customise a pod that reflects it.

Why Choose XL Displays For A Glass Office Pod?

We source the materials for our glass office pods from premium suppliers who are experts in what they do.

We use toughened 4mm safety glass which has up to five times less iron than standard float glass which gives the pods crystal-clear appearance. This is far superior to other, cheaper alternatives on the market which have a green hue on the glass.

We only use fire rated fabric to ensure maximum safety and compliance with health and safety regulations in the work place.

Not only this, all of our office pods are manufactured in the UK for guaranteed quality and efficiency of the order.

If you would like more information on our glass office pods, please contact us or call us on 01733 511030

XL Displays Team