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ACHOO® Portable Perspex Protection Screen On Wheels

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ACHOO® Portable Perspex® Protection Screen On Wheels. Freestanding Aluminium Screen With Locking Castor Wheels. Moveable Social Distancing Screens. Made in UK. Read More

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Perspex® Screens On Wheels

The ACHOO® Portable Perspex® Protection Screen On Wheels is a premium quality protection screen designed for business, retail, hospitality, office and reception use. Part of a unique signature range of premium dividers from XL Displays brought to you under the ACHOO® Screens brand. Only available from XL Displays UK.

Choose from two heights: 1600mm or 1800mm. Available in three widths of either 800mm, 1000mm or 1200mm wide. This model is freestanding and straight and is non-linking. Select from clear Perspex® glass, clear Perspex® with a void cut out or clear Perspex® with opal frosted, spot manifestations. Manifestations are useful for safety reasons - they stop people walking into the screens but also add a subtle design touch and visual interest.

30mm Anodised aluminium frame in white or silver, with 5mm Perspex® transparent glazing. Castor wheels, with two being braked, locking wheels. Smooth running castors ensure easy moving and re-location. Perspex® is hygienic and easy to keep disinfected and sanitised and the anodised aluminium frame is also easy to clean and is non-porous.

As well as Perspex, our mobile protection screen is manufactured from thermally toughened Safety Glass, impact tested to British Standard: BS 6206: 1981 - Class A. We source our glass from Pilkington® and Saint-Gobain®.

Toughened glass, also known as Tempered Glass is four to five times stronger than standard annealed float glass and if broken. disintegrates into small fragments with dulled edges that are less likely to cause injury. Glass has advantages over Acrylic / Perspex as it is far more resilient to scratches, it is easier to clean and keep sanitised and maintain a smear free finish.

ACHOO® Portable Perspex® Screens on Wheels are modular, meaning you can partition areas or workspaces of any size by adding or removing screens. Build effective socially distanced areas with mobile room divider screens and create physical barriers for effective social distancing and infection mitigation.

Mobile screens are demountable. Disassemble, reassemble, moveable and easy to re-position within any location in the office or business environment. A good investment during the current COVID-19 crisis but will also last for many years.

Why Buy The ACHOO® Freestanding Perspex® Divider on Wheels?

  • Stylish, modern design to complement any office decor
  • Transparent Perspex® glass for visibility and to let light through
  • Toughened safety glass surface option
  • Effective COVID-screens and social distancing
  • Choose from silver or white coloured frame
  • Anodised aluminium frame
  • Can be easily disinfected to maintain a hygienic workstation
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty
  • Designed and manufactured to order in the UK
  • ACHOO® Perspex® Screens, exclusively available at XL Displays

For more information on this product or our range of Perspex® screens, please contact us or call our sales team on 01733 511030.


Manufactured to order and dispatched within 10-14 working days. 

Delivered on a dedicated vehicle. This can add an additional 5 days depending on the geographical location of delivery.

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ACHOO® Portable Perspex Protection Screen On Wheels Technical Specification

Dimensions: 800 / 1000 / 1200mm (w) x 1600 / 1800mm (h)
Frame: 30mm thick
Cut Out Dimensions: 150mm (h) x 400mm (w)
Split Rail Void Dimensions: 300mm (w) central on the screen

Customer Reviews

OK what I ordered is exactly what I got.
Verified Purchase
Posted by Anthony Mottram on 02/11/2020

ok What I ordered is exactly what I g9ot. It was good quality and did as advertised.

Additionally what I liked was the follow up that checked to see if this was the case, the guys were great. And if only others would take this same interest then Business
UK would thrive

(Via Trust Pilot)

Efficient service
Verified Purchase
Posted by Beverley Walker on 27/10/2020

Efficient service, and excellent product

(Via Trust Pilot)

ACHOO<sup>®</sup> Portable Perspex Protection Screen On Wheels