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What are TEXstyle Displays?

Posted on 26th Oct 2018 @ 3:58 PM

What are TEXstyle Displays?

TEXstyle Displays – also known as fabric displays – are contemporary alternatives to traditional exhibition stands.

What’s the difference between TEXstyle displays and regular displays?

Most exhibition stands utilise an aluminium scissor lattice frame that is dressed with magnetic graphic panels. The graphics are printed onto 505 micron thick stoplight media. They are then laminated and hook on to the headers and kickers of the frame.

TEXstyle displays are different because they are made from stretch polyester fabric. Two pieces of fabric undergo an intense printing process and are then sewn together to create a one-piece fabric sock. This slides over the tubular, push-fit aluminium frame and zips up to stay in place.

What types of TEXstyle display can I get?

There are so many fabric displays for you to choose from, so you need never worry about not having options.

We offer a comprehensive range of Fabric Exhibition Stands, including the bestselling Formulate straight and curve displays. Both the straight and curve come in a choice of three sizes; 2.4m, 3m and 6m. This allows you to select a display that is perfect for your brand and your event.

As well as Formulate TEXstyle displays, we offer Hop Up and SEG fabric exhibition stands too.

Hop Up display stands are unique because they incorporate a traditional pop up frame with fabric graphics. The graphics come readily attached to the frame with ultra-strong Velcro; all you have to do is pop the frame up and you’re done. You don’t need to detach the graphics from the frame when the event is over either, you can leave them on and pack up your display in seconds.

Lots of people think that this puts their graphics at risk from damage or creases, but on the contrary. Hop Up displays are printed using the same process as every other fabric display (we’ll talk about this in a moment) and this means that they retain the same hardwearing properties and the fabric still has the same amount of elasticity in it to dissolve any creases once the display is fully assembled.

SEG exhibition stands are a little bit different from the other stands because the edges of the fabric are lined with silicone. The silicone edging then slots neatly into the channelling of the frame of the display. The benefit of this is that you can create a super tensioned and taut fabric exhibition stand that showcases your brand in the best light.

Aside from TEXstyle exhibition stands, we also provide a full range of Fabric Banners for those who fancy a change from traditional roller banners.

In addition, our fabric range is also home to a wide variety of Promotional Fabric Counters and Hanging Structures, meaning you never have to worry about forgetting an essential part of your exhibition stand because we have everything you could ever need.

Crep Protect 6m Formulate Fabric Exhibition Stand

Why should I choose a TEXstyle display?

There are many reasons why TEXstyle displays are growing in popularity, and almost all of those reasons stem from the printing process.

As we mentioned earlier, fabric exhibitions are printed in a much more intense way than any other type of display. This method of printing is called dye-sublimation - a process that we do in-house.

The graphic design for each display is always printed onto transfer paper first. The colours appear muted and dull whilst on the transfer paper; a look which can be deceiving.

The transfer paper is lined up with the display polyester and both are fed through the Monti Antonio dye-sublimation calendar. This is where the magic happens.

The Monti can withstand heat up to 200 degrees, and it pairs this heat with immense pressure as the paper and fabric are fed through the rollers of the machine.


This combination of heat and pressure forces the ink from the transfer paper to bond with and become a part of the fabric. When the fabric comes out the other side of the Monti, the colours are extremely vivid and bright – more so than with any other display solution.


As a result of the ink being a part of the fabric instead of sitting on top of it, the risk of peeling, cracking and fading is eliminated. This means no matter how much you fold your display, no damage will occur.

This durable trait is what makes TEXstyle displays so popular; especially with brands who exhibit a lot and need an exhibition that can keep up.

In fact, the displays are so hardwearing, you can even wash your graphics at 30 degrees without any damage at all.

Thomas Fudge's Printed Table Runner


As well as being more durable, dye-sublimation printing results in graphics that are of a photo-quality finish. The imagery comes out crisper, sharper and more detailed on TEXstyle displays which is a desirable attribute for any exhibition stand.

Why choose XL Displays?

There are many reasons why our customers choose us for their TEXstyle display stands. One of those reasons is that we are the industry leaders in event and exhibition solutions. We have over two decades of experience in this sector and supply the most comprehensive range available.

We are extremely competitive on TEXstyle display pricing; we offer double-sided printing at no extra cost. This means you can double your brand exposure without spending a penny extra when you come directly to XL Displays for your fabric exhibition.

As well as this, we have a fully-fledged graphic design team who can help you to create a bespoke and original design for your display stand. If you already have your artwork then our graphics team will check it for free to ensure it is perfect for print.

In addition to all of this, our staff undergo product training every other week to ensure they are the most knowledgeable and reliable in the industry. With a 9.8 rating from 10,000 TrustPilot reviews, it is clear that our customer service, product quality and pricing is is reliable and trustworthy.

For more information about TEXstyle displays or the services we offer, please call 01733 511030.

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