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Outdoor Notice Boards For Summer 2012

Posted on 15th May 2012 @ 11:03 AM

Bring out the strawberries and cream ...the good old British summer is well on its way and now is the time to look into your advertising medium.

If you have never thought of investing in an outdoor notice board for your visual marketing or to advertise upcoming events, perhaps now is the time to think about it.

A really good idea for an outdoor notice board is the type that features an LED lighting system.  These are extremely useful if you require your board to have that extra visual impact.  Being environmentally-friendly, they use approximately 30% less electricity than the classical fluorescent tube lighting systems.  These notice boards are a popular choice as they remain maintenance-free for approximately 100,000 hours.  The notice boards have an extremely strong framework, with a lock and hinge system that is vandal-proof.  They come in a range of standard colours, but if you wish to have a bespoke notice board, then this is no problem.  You have a choice of having them fitted either portrait or landscape. These systems are also waterproof, ensuring that no rainwater will seep into the display.

If you work in a restaurant, pub or retail outlet, a popular outdoor notice board is the A-frame wooden chalk board that can be displayed outside your premises.  These boards are inexpensive and can be used time after time as you are able to just wipe them clean when you wish to change the information on them.  They are of solid wood construction and are durable and come with a locking stay.  And you don’t have to stick to white chalk – you can use different coloured chalks to jazz up your board.  Offering advertising on both sides of the board, these wooden chalk boards are definitely worth thinking about and as for storage of the board, they take up so little room when folded flat that if you are a bit short on space, it would be ideal.

Another idea for an outdoor notice board is the aluminium and steel A-frame board where you can insert a poster of your choice.  This is another inexpensive way to advertise.  The strong framework construction is weatherproof and offers locking leg stays and an anti-reflective display.  Once you have your posters ready, you can easily pop them in the snap open and close display and for storage purposes again, this type of display closes flat and takes up very little space.Have you ever thought about having a robust swinging pavement outdoor notice board?  These are a great idea and made of heavy-duty construction and have small wheels at the base of the board for easy manoeuvrability.  The base of the sign can be filled with water or sand for extra stability and you are able to insert a poster either side of the aluminium snap frames.  These tough outdoor notice boards are an ideal purchase and way of advertising.

Whichever outdoor notice board you decide to purchase, don’t forget to choose bright summer colours for your designs that will really attract the eye of the passer-by.


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