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Pop up displays

Posted on 10th Apr 2012 @ 3:31 PM

When planning for your exhibition or trade fair, ensure you know in advance how much space you have been allocated for your display. This will enable you to gauge how small or large your display can be.

Your pop up display will be on show to create an impression, possibly to sell, or launch, advertise and more importantly, to make an impact.

You may be attending an exhibition or trade fair to introduce a new product, to increase your customer base, increase your sales and encourage people to part with their hard earned cash.

Pop up displays are so versatile that there will be one for the choosing to enable you to take full advantage of advertising your goods or service. To help communicate your message to the visitors and create the right impression, you must decide what type of message you wish your display to have. Having your wording printed in all capital letters may irritate the passer-by, as they could think that the message is almost ‘shouting’ at them – perhaps for the wrong reason! Whilst it may be a good idea to have certain words in capital letters for effect and to ensure certain words stand out, using all capital letters may just jar people. Keep the wording simple, easy to read and clear. Use colours that complement each other and that are eye-catching.

Curved pop up displays are very stable are look extremely stunning when the graphics are attached. This type of display is available in different sizes and is quick and easy to assemble. The displays are extremely portable and the polypropylene case has wheels at the bottom for ease of movement. The modular framework opens out in a few seconds and comes complete with stabilising bars for integral strength that clip on to the framework. The graphics are placed on the magnetic strips at the side of each panel ensuring that the graphic is held in place. If you choose to have a tall display, you may require a small kick stool to help you to attach the graphics to the top of the framework. When your display is assembled, you then have the option of fitting lights to the display for that extra wow factor. To complete your display area, you are then able to use the carry case as a counter by attaching the counter top and attaching a graphic around the body of the carry case, giving the exhibitor a counter stand to use for extra display purposes such as leaflets, etc. Using a curved pop up display gives the impression that your display is self-contained.

You may like to choose a straight pop up display if you feel your space is limited and you are able to create a similar stunning display, again using the carry case as a counter top and fit your lights to the top of the display offering a good ambience.

Aesthetically pleasing, pop up display stands are visually appealing and a great way of advertising your products or services and are bound to optimise brand awareness.


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