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Lockable Notice Boards

Posted on 10th Jan 2012 @ 8:22 AM

Many years ago, lockable notice boards were generally just seen outside churches and community centres, offering pieces of information and/or small advertisements. Today they are seen everywhere from schools and universities, public areas, hospitals, in offices and factories, used as a method of offering items of interest to the passing public.

Lockable notice boards come in a variety of sizes with a choice of frames such as aluminium or wooden framing. As a safety measure, lockable notice boards are manufactured with unbreakable polycarbonate glazing or toughened glass. Many lockable notice boards are now fire resistant, ensuring that all precautions have been taken with regard to health and safety, an important factor if they are for outside use. Many notice boards are now vandal-resistant.

It is personal choice whether you would like your lockable notice board to have side opening, top opening or sliding doors. The notice boards with side or top openings come with ‘door stays’ to ensure the door remains open at all times whilst you are arranging your notices. Lockable notice boards also come with twin doors if that is your requirement. There are also notice boards that are back-lit for ease of reading.

If your lockable notice board is for exterior use, there are notice boards that are totally waterproof and weatherproof by being double-sealed or having a waterproof seal, wind resistant, tamperproof and fire resistant, ensuring that the notice board and its contents are kept safe. You are able to mount your notice board on any type of flat surface, whether you choose to have it portrait or landscape.

Lockable notice boards can have either a felt backing or a magnetic finish. If you choose to have felt backing, ensure it is fire rated to BS.476. With a felt backing, you are able to pin your notices to the board or use Velcro.

There are many different designs of lockable notice boards and the choice is yours.

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