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Cafe Barriers

34 Products Available

34 Products Available

Custom Printed Outdoor Cafe Banners

Extend your business outside and put your branding directly into the path of potential clients with a cafe barrier system from XL Displays.

Cafe barriers can be used to create a designated outdoor eating area or smoking area for cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, bars and nightclubs.

They can also be used as queue management systems for clubs, bars and public events.

The printed cafe banners provide additional marketing space to increase your brand exposure whilst acting as an effective windbreak and privacy screen for outdoor diners.

Commonly printed with a large logo, each printed banner affords you the opportunity to raise your brand awareness with minimum hassle.

Being fully weatherproof, cafe barriers are made using high-quality materials and can be used all year round; resulting in a cost-effective advertising solution that will attract footfall - even in adverse weather conditions.

Typically sold as single components, cafe barriers are comprised of stainless steel posts and bases with printed banners. This allows you to tailor your cafe barrier system directly to suit your outside space by selecting the exact number of banners and cross rails you need.

We also provide quality cafe barrier kits which come with everything you need if you already know how many cafe windbreaks you require. Your logo or artwork is printed onto either a PVC or fabric cafe banner.

For maximum impact, PVC cafe banners can also be printed double-sided.

Our standard and deluxe ranges offer you a choice of banner widths to ensure you invest in the most sensible solution that best suits your business. If this is not quite what you are looking for, you can view our full range of outdoor displays

Benefits of Cafe Barriers:

  • Fully Customised With Your Branding
  • Easy to Self Assemble - No Tools Required
  • Extends Your Branding Outside Your Business
  • Creates a Professional Al fresco Dining Space
  • Can Be Tailored To Any Budget
  • Suitable For Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • Suitable For Use in All Weathers
  • Range of Different Sizes & Styles

Features of Cafe Barriers:

  • Features Weighted Bases
  • Single or Double Sided Graphics
  • Stainless Steel or Black Finish
  • PVC or Display Polyester Graphics
  • Available as Kits of Singular Products
  • Free Artwork Advice 
  • Weather Resistant and UV Resistant
  • Modular Displays That Can Be Reconfigured

If you require any further information on our café barriers please contact us or call our sales team on 01733 511030.

Frequently Asked Questions

A café barrier is made up of custom printed banners that are connected to stanchion posts at either end (or to a wall bracket) using cross rails and/or bungee cords. You will typically see café banners most frequently sectioning off seating areas outside cafes, restaurants, pubs and bars. They offer a dual function: spatial organisation and advertising. Our cafe barrier systems, also known as cafe windbreak systems, are available in a range of widths ranging from 1000mm to 2000mm wide. 

As well as allowing you to attract extra footfall, extend your business's floor space and create a designated area, café barriers provide a great advertising opportunity. A café barrier system creates a visually appealing and well-organised look to what can sometimes be a hoard of unorganised tables and chairs.

They create a welcoming and professional look to your business and when printed with your brand it's recognisable and will help attract customers.

Café barriers are most commonly used outside hospitality venues such as cafes, bars, restaurants, pubs and clubs to mark off seating, create an alfresco dining experience or for designated smoking areas.

They can also be used to form queueing systems outside events or clubs; or to mark off areas in large internal spaces such as events or exhibitions. The personalised branded banner panels offer a chance to promote your business while performing a practical function.

Cafe banners are suitable for an extensive range of businesses and are not just limited to hospitality. 

Cafe barriers are constructed from a single banner panel linked to two end stanchion posts using either two cross rails, or one cross rail with lower bungee cords. You can also choose to link one end of a banner panel to the wall rather than a post, using the coordinating wall hook/bungee tether for a more space-saving finish. You can purchase cafe barriers individually; but for areas requiring more coverage, we sell a range of different kits which include up to six poles and five banners.

Once set up, cafe barriers form temporary divisions between different spaces; for example, a seating area outside a cafe separating the area from the street pavement footfall - or designating a queue line outside a nightclub or event.

The ‘best’ outdoor cafe banner system is the one that best suits your business’s requirements. We sell a number of different cafe banner ranges, each with their own unique properties and plus points:

  • Budget Adfresco® Cafe Barrier System 
  • Adfresco® Café Barrier System
  • Cafe Barrier System Deluxe
  • Cafe Banner Standard

Our most heavy duty, durable system is the Adfresco® range. Thanks to the weight of the posts and the quality of the materials used, this is our most premium range. It is also the only one of our cafe barrier systems that is specifically designed for outdoor use; the Budget Adfresco range can be used outside, but in sheltered locations only - and the other systems are suitable primarily for indoor use.
If you would like to discuss with our expert team which barrier system would be the best fit for your business, please call our sales team on 01733 511030.

The cafe barrier system you should choose is the one which best suits your business’s requirements. We sell a number of different cafe banner ranges, each with their own unique properties and plus points:

  • Budget Adfresco® Cafe Barrier System - this system is most appropriate for use indoors (such as within shopping centres or exhibition halls) or in sheltered and monitored outdoor locations (such as spaces with cover, but some exposure to the elements, for example, covered shopping areas or pub gardens).
  • Adfresco® Café Barrier System - this is our most durable cafe barrier system, designed specifically for use outdoors thanks to its high-quality materials and weighted bases. It is ideal for cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs, nightclubs and anywhere that an outdoor space needs to be sectioned off.
  • Cafe Barrier System Deluxe - this flexible banner system is ideal for any business but should be restricted to use indoors or in sheltered outdoor locations. The cafe barrier stanchions weigh just over 7kg and therefore shouldn't be exposed in open outdoor locations where the wind could compromise the stability. 
  • Cafe Banner Standard - this flexible system is ideal for any business but should be used in the same fashion as the deluxe cafe barrier system. 

We also sell printed queue barriers:

  • Deluxe Queue Barriers With Printed Banners - suitable for retail, events, exhibitions and queue systems. 
  • Standard Printed Barrier - suitable for retail, events, exhibitions and indoor or sheltered outdoor queue systems
  • Printed Retractable Queue Barriers RollerSigns - designed for use with retractable barriers, this barrier system is one of our most flexible options.

Yes -  the modular systems are easy to set up and dismantle daily. Simply fix the stanchion posts into the base, then attach the graphic banner panel using either two cross rail fixtures or a single top cross rail and lower bungee cords. If you are using a wall hook or eye plate fitting, simply link the end of the bungees/banner cross rail into the wall hook rather than the top of a stanchion post. No tools are required*. 

Cafe barriers are designed to be portable and easy to configure. They provide a quick solution for expanding your business premises and therefore must be easy to set up and take down as most businesses do this every morning and evening. If the stanchions are simply too heavy to lift and move, then bases can be tilted and rolled away making it accessible for all members of staff to help set up. 

*Except for initially fixing the hook/eye panel to the wall.

If the land you wish to install your cafe barrier system on is owned by your business and not on any public thoroughfares, you won’t need any planning permission. However, if you wish to set up an outside space designated with cafe barriers on a pavement, high street or roadside, or on any public land; you will need to check in advance with your Local Council for their legislative requirements. Councils will often support local businesses in this matter as cafe barriers bring colour and culture to the local area; but it’s always best to check the rules first.

All of our cafe banner systems can be used outdoors, but some are more durable and weatherproof than others. The most suitable range for outdoor use is the Adfresco® Café Barrier System. While this system is sturdy and stable enough to be left outside in most typical UK weather conditions, we still recommend bringing it (or any other of our cafe banner systems) inside overnight to prevent damage.

The printed elements on our cafe barrier systems are printed and manufactured using media types that won't get damaged if they get wet. The posts, bases and rail components are manufactured from steel and therefore will also be ok if they were to get wet. 

The most stable and durable of our cafe barrier systems is the Adfresco® Café Barrier range. The high-quality stainless steel posts have weighted bases for stability. Each base features a rubber edge to prevent damage to floors when used on tiled surfaces or indoors, and the bases can be tilted so the poles can be rolled into place rather than lifted. The canvas banner panels (in either Light Block PVC 750gsm, Mesh PVC 380gsm or Polyester Canvas 450gsm) are tough and longwearing, making them an excellent investment. We recommend using the mesh media for outdoor use as it allows wind to pass through the graphic better and therefore ensures the posts are more stable. 

For an indoor space, a range like the Budget Adfresco® Café Barrier System offers everything you need. Suitable for indoor (or sheltered outdoor) use, this system features more lightweight stanchion posts, making them easier to move around. The modular system is easy to set up and dismantle daily, and this budget range is more cost-effective than the more heavy-duty alternatives.

Although it is our budget system, it is available in all the same options as the more premium Adfresco® range. The only real difference is the weight of the stanchion posts which is why it is recommended for indoor or sheltered outdoor use. 

Yes, we sell a range of accessories that are designed to help you make the most of your space by offering a wall-fixed alternative to an additional stanchion post. Use the eye plate to connect the end of the cross rails (of the banner panel) to the wall, and the smaller wall hook if you are using bungee cables on the lower corners. Tools are required to fit the eye panel or wall hook to the wall; but no tools are needed to link the barrier banner panel to the wall fixtures.

Yes, absolutely we can help with the design of your cafe barrier if you do not already have finished artwork to submit. Our expert Graphic Design Team can take your vision and instructions and turn it into a visually stunning design that perfectly fits your branding and marketing needs. Please note: additional charges do apply for the graphic design service.

Alternatively, if you have your own print-ready designs, you can submit your artwork online and we will check the artwork before sending it to print. You will find the relevant artwork templates on the 'Artwork' tab on the individual product pages.  

The materials used in our cafe barrier systems are all designed to be suitable for outdoor use; typically the posts are made from stainless steel, and the printed banners are manufactured from either Light Block PVC 750gsm (single or double-sided); Mesh PVC 380gsm (single-sided only) or Polyester Canvas 450gsm (single-sided only).

Thanks to the nature of these materials and the printing process, these advertising panels are impervious to water damage, therefore some exposure to rain will not harm the product. However, permanent exposure to inclement weather is not recommended; we suggest storing your barriers inside during severe weather and overnight.

We sell a variety of different cafe barrier kits:

  • Kit 1 - includes two stanchion posts and one printed banner in your choice of size. 
  • Kit 2 - includes three stanchion posts and two printed banners in your choice of size. 
  • Kit 3- includes four stanchion posts and three printed banners in your choice of size. 
  • Kit 4 - includes six stanchion posts and four printed banners in your choice of size. 
  • Kit 5 - includes six stanchion posts and five printed banners in your choice of size. 

The kit you need will depend on the amount of space you need to cover. To form a corner, you will need a minimum of 3 poles and 2 banners to keep the barrier at an angle. You can start with a kit that has a set number of posts and printed banners; and if you require more simply add single posts and banners to expand your configuration. In the same way, you can remove what you no longer need. 

For more information on how to set up your space using cafe barriers, please speak to a member of our team on 01733 511030 who will be happy to offer advice.

The easiest way to extend your existing cafe barrier system is by purchasing additional stanchion poles and banners, either as standalone products or as part of one of our larger kits. Each banner panel requires one stanchion post (or eye plate) at either end, and you attach the graphic banner panel using either two cross rail fixtures or a single top cross rail and lower bungee cords.